2013 Changes

Hey folks! Guess what! The Hartleys are still alive. ;) I'll try to give you an update of everything that happened in the past year that was semi-important.  
 In May, we played our last show with the seven of us. 
 Josiah (20) moved to his place right outside of Arkadelphia, where he bought 4 acres and built a little 20X20 livable shop. He works a lot. Sadly, he doesn't play fiddle much anymore.  
In August, Dan(19) started his first semester of college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He's getting a degree in Electrical Engineering. He likes it up there. 
Anna(23) is going to be intern teaching this semester, and then she'll graduate in May.
Aaron(22) finished his four years with the Army in June. He's been working construction, welding, and other jobs. He bought some land about 8 miles out of Arkadelphia towards the river. 
And that leaves Dad, Mom, me(Abby), and Micah. We are playing music (just locally right now), doing some pretty intense organic gardening, and eating some amazing food! ;)  We bought about 10 acres out of town and have been spending a lot of time out there clearing and dreaming. I don't know what all they dream about, but I dream about a horse.. :)
I'm 17 now and I'll be graduating from high school in May. 
Micah just turned 10 and he is becoming a real good little banjer picker. He's all into guns right now because Aaron gave him a 22 for his birthday. 
I guess that pretty much sums it up. I am so sorry for waiting so long to update this blog. I kinda forgot we had one... Anna was always real good to keep it updated (plus she's a good writer!), but I guess it's my job now.  
I hope everyone is doing great! To you people whom we usually get to see every year but didn't get to see this past year: we miss y'all and we think about y'all a lot. 

~Abby Hartley
 "So, then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness." 
Colossians 2:6-7


2012 Changes

We've had a lot of changes during the past few months, and one of those changes is that we no longer have a separate website. For now, anyway, this is our website.

We are still playing together--just not as often. We have a few concerts coming up soon, and I'll just post some of them here!

18th: Free Bluegrass Festival; Hope, AR. (Fair Park)

27th: Harmony Grove High School; Harmony Grove, AR.

12th: Free Bluegrass Festival; Hope, AR. (Fair Park)

We look forward to seeing familiar faces (and, of course, new faces--I always add that!) at the Hope festival. Please come and visit with us! :)


Northern Trip 2011

We're so excited about our upcoming short-tour! I'll try to post some pictures along the way.
I can't help adding this: If you're anywhere in the area, try to make the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival. If you're into family-friendly entertainment that honors God, you'll enjoy yourself there! www.familybluegrass.com
Come see us! We're always thrilled to meet new people and see old friends!


Updated Schedule

Our website is currently locked (I can't update it right now) so until I fix it, our schedule will be right here.

Today we'll be at God's Little Acre in Simms, TX, and I think Rock Creek Baptist is actually in Maud. Diamondhead is a community in Hot Springs.



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