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Hello friends,
Have you ever had wonderful intentions, but never got around to actually doing what you had in mind? Well, I do. All of the time. In fact, not so long ago, I had this great idea to write a thought-provoking blog post...maybe even write them once a week! Yeah, that was several months ago. So why haven't I done it yet? I could waste both of our time listing all kinds of excuses, but none of them are a good excuses, so instead let me share a short thought that came from an A. W. Tozer book I'm reading right now called The Knowledge of the Holy: 

God doesn't need us, but in His goodness He chooses us;
we desperately need God... yet, in many cases, we do not choose Him. 

God is our greatest good. When we choose Him and His ways, we are not doing Him a favor... He doesn't need our favors... we are doing ourselves a favor! 

While you're thinking on that, how about listening to a banjo tune! 

Take care,
 ~Abby :)


Hải Đặng 1:20 AM  
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Unknown 5:00 AM  

Wow, so talented. That was brill had my feet tapping. Best wishes on your travels Abby. xx


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