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Faithful Heart

At the end of this day, will I hear God say that my heart has stayed faithful to Him?

 Were my thoughts pure? Were my words honorable/edifying? Did I make good use of the time I've been entrusted with today? Did my actions glorify God? Throughout all, did my eyes stay on Jesus? Did I choose to die to my will and my self-centered desires? Did I love God and love people? 
 How does my faith affect my life each day?

 These are important questions to ask yourself daily. Because God is so faithful, and He deserves our faithfulness. And that's what this song my mom wrote last year is all about! 

"When the storms rage and battles surround me
When my thoughts whip up tempests within
May my mind stay on Thee throughout all that may be
May You find my heart faithful to You

May You find my heart faithful to You
May my actions and thoughts remain true
At the end of the day, will I hear Your voice say
That my heart has stayed faithful to You

When temptation and sin are so near me
When my flesh seems to scream with desire
May my choice be to die and myself crucify
May You find my heart faithful to You

You alone are the Lord of the heavens
You alone deserve honor and praise
All alone I would fall, Lord, I give you my all
May You find my heart faithful to You."

I finally uploaded this video that my cousin took of us playing the song Faithful Heart at the Lake Itasca Family Festival last summer.
 To watch it, click this link, right here: http://youtu.be/wpfIFVx4PoU
Hope you enjoy it!



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