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Stand Up And Believe

He journeyed to a promise land, left all that he had known
God called him forth from Babylon to a country he was shown
"You'll be a mighty nation there" was what the Lord declared
"Your offspring as the grains of sand," and Abraham believed.

In spite of what their eyes could see, they stood up and believed
They took God at His holy Word, His promise they recieved
By faith their eyes were opened to possibility
Oh fix your eyes on Jesus and stand up and believe.

Let my people go said Moses, Pharaoh firmly disagreed
So the plagues were sent and out they went and they passed through the red sea
With a fire and cloud before them, quail and manna sent to eat
And deliverance was seen by all 'cuz Moses believed.

Five stones he carried with him toward the giant of a man
In the name of God, he let them fly, Goliath fell into the sand
The Philistines did run that day, Israel saw the victory
And all rejoiced in God's great deed, 'cuz David believed.

The Kingdom of God Is Here

Jesus came into the world to set the captives free
Preaching good news to the poor and the year of Jubilee
Lepers cleansed, the lame can walk, the blind now can see
In the kingdom of the Lord there is liberty.

It's here! It's here! God's kingdom is here
Shout it from the roof tops, make it loud and clear
Satan's power is broken, we no longer live in free
Jesus is Lord and His kingdom is here.

The law has condemned me for all of my sin 
But Jesus forgave me and wrote His laws within
I now have a new life and I live for the Son
Praying Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done

Just like a mustard seed grows to be a tree
His kingdom is growing inside of you and me
There's no stopping it now and that is why I sing
Every knee will bow and say that Jesus is King.

Faithful Heart

When the storms rage and battles surround me
When my thoughts whip up tempests within
May my mind stay on Thee throughout all that may be
May You find my heart faithful to You

May You find my heart faithful to You
May my actions and thoughts remain true
At the end of the day, will I hear Your voice say
That my heart has stayed faithful to You

When temptation and sin are so near me
When my flesh seems to scream with desire
May my choice be to die and myself crucify
May You find my heart faithful to You

You alone are the Lord of the heavens
You alone deserve honor and praise
All alone I would fall, Lord, I give you my all
May You find my heart faithful to You.

---more lyrics to be posted soon---



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